Terms & Conditions for Domestic Purchases

  • I agree purchased items will not be sent outside the United States.
  • I agree items are not being purchased by a foreign person (non-US Citizen) and will not be sent or resold to a foreign person.
  • All items governed by International Trade in Arms Regulations (ITAR) require a license, a license exemption, or other approval from the U.S. Department of State in order to “export” (22 C.F.R. § 120.1 et seq. defines export to include releasing or transferring “technical data” to “foreign persons,” whether inside or outside the United States, or to “US persons” located at APO/DPO/FPO addresses outside of the United States).
  • It is strictly prohibited to sell, transfer, transport, or ship outside of the U.S. any product prohibited or restricted for export without complying with U.S. export control laws and regulations-- including proper export licensing, documentation or authorization-- and to do so may result in civil penalties and/or constitute a federal crime. Steiner Optic will not complete any transaction that requires the illegal export of any products and will not assist directly or indirectly with the illegal export or re-export of any products.